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Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Holidays are opportunities to make the ones you care about feel extra special. When we were little girls our mom did an amazing job using holidays to make us feel extra loved. We would wake up to something special on our nightstands, have something fun in our lunch boxes or she would make us a themed breakfast!

The three of us do our best to carry on these wonderful traditions. Those memories are truly some of the most wonderful gifts our mom has given us. When our kids grow up, we hope they will have many wonderful holiday memories too!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are a few Valentine breakfast ideas that are sure to make the ones you care about feel thought of and loved! To make things easy, all the products we used below are from Trader Joe’s!

@tripletliving cereal necklace

Cereal Necklace: The Pink and beige colors of Trader Joe’s Strawberry Yogurt O’s are perfect for Valentine’s Day! You can serve them in a bowl, or make them really fancy by making an edible Valentine’s Day necklace!

Apple Heart @tripletliving

Apple Heart: A red apple is festive on its own! If you feel like making it extra “sweet” you can arrange the cut pieces of apple to form a heart!

@tripletliving yogurt popsicles

Yogurt Popsicle: Fill a popsicle mold with strawberry yogurt. We added a little more pink food coloring and some sprinkles to make the popsicles more exciting!

@triplet living Toast and Jam Heart

Toast and Heart Shaped Jam: This is so simple, yet thoughtful. Fill a small ziplock baggy with some raspberry jam. Cut the tip off one of the corners. This makes the baggy like a pastry bag. Squeeze some jam onto your toast in the shape of a heart! You can use this method for other holidays too or to write your special someone’s name!

@tripletliving Cereal bars made special

Cereal Bars Made Special: Take your favorite cereal bar and wrap some pretty paper around it. We used a piece of pink construction paper, but you can use any cute paper you have. Then put a cute sticker or write something festive on it. Voila…a special holiday treat!

We hope this list inspires you to create special memories for the ones you love!


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