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Twinfully Sweet!

Triplet Living is thrilled to announce we will be introducing you to more of our “multiple” friends and doing one of our favorite things MAKE-OVERS! We LOVE meeting other multiples and hearing their stories! For our first Multiple Make-over we collaborated with our wonderful and beautiful friends Heidi and Hillary of Twinfully Sweet! They were “sweet” enough to sit down with us for an interview before we got down to styling. Join us tomorrow for a complete look at our St. Patrick's Day inspired Multiple Make-over and Look Book!


What is your favorite part about being Twins?

Sharing clothes etc…, always having someone to hang out with, the celebrity of “oh my gosh you guys are twins?! thats so very cool!!”, having all the same interests (so you can start a business together).

Were you colored coded growing up?

Yes, heidi:pink hillary:blue (mom even painted our nails those colors as tiny babies to tell us apart… that sounds tricky!).

Did you ever dress alike?

All the time up till the 6th grade.

What are your different personalities, likes dislikes…

Heidi how would you describe Hillary: she is very laid back (which can cause a lot of strife and stress at times because she thinks that everything will be OK when its not) and easy going with a hippie vibe which reflects in her wardrobe choices.

WE both like the outdoors where we can surf, run, hike, and bike. we dont like the cold but love the sun!! we HATE spiders!!!!!

Hillary How would you describe Heidi: Shes more of the slave driver. always has to be on time, have a plan, & get to business. a bit bossy at times which comes from being 9 mins older. all that aside shes fun and always wants to have a good time.

WE both like shopping, going to the beach, bike riding, baking (or course), having girls nights with cheese & wine (of course), watching movies, & dining out to try new restaurants. we both dislike ungrateful people & avocados.

Favorite Twin memory?

When we went on the show WIPEOUT as Twinfully sweet sisters and jill (the host) took a bite out of our cake. it was so painfully
awesome that we would do it again in a second, if we could. We almost made it to the 3rd round but I (Heidi) ruined it for us :(

Identical or Fraternal?

Identical but the doctors (when we were born) never documented it so we are not 100 percent sure, but we look so much alike so how could we not be?? maybe its because the doctors and my parents were shocked from not knowing they were having twins today that it didnt seem too important to check :)

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Is it easy for people to tell you apart?

It is for the first few times of meeting us, but then you get to know us and your like these are 2 totally different people…. well thats at least what we have heard a lot!

Oldest? Youngest?

heidi is 9 minutes older than hillary and that makes her the baby of the family lol!!

Favorite Place to Shop?

forever 21, anthropologie (clearance section of course), h&m, jcrew (sale section of course), and urban outfitters… can you tell?!?! ;D


Tell us about your company Twinfully Sweet. (How long you've been in business, why you went into baking…)

We have been in business for 5 years now. we got started with our addiction to sugar and our love for art. We also enjoyed watching the food network shows like ACE OF CAKES and thought that looks like fun, maybe we can do that? so we started baking and everyone told us our cakes/desserts were delicious! We went to art school and then went to baking school and during this time we interned with a very high end bakery called LET THEM EAT CAKE. It was here where we learned everything there is to know about cake. The owners kept telling us that we had a lot of talent in all of this. So we thought ok lets try it out and voila, TWINFULLY SWEET was born <3

Twinfully Sweet Logo

Do you like working together?

Yes we do. we can but heads a lot, especially in the beginning stages of the business, but we know our jobs and we get them done.

Were you in the same classes in elementary school?

Yes all the way to 6th grade. we even tried switching seats but got yelled at once and that was enough!!

What advice would you give to parents of other multiples.

Have other kids to entertain them and entertain you…. the bigger the family the better… thats our motto!! We come from a family of 7 so maybe we are a bit biased, but we love our big family and always try to hang out as much as possible. Our mom always tells us how
easy it was taking care of us twins because we would just entertain each other and she could walk away and get things done. So now I want twins for myself (Heidi) even though I know it probably won't happen because of the whole skips a generation thing… darn :/


Thanks Girls!



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