Identical Triplet Sisters bringing together three creative points of view to inspire and encourage women! Through Beauty, Fashion, Illustration, life … and so much more!

Triplet Living

Triplet Living- Triple the Fun To Share!

Triplet Living- Three Sisters sharing their love of fashion, beauty, art, and life to inspire and encourage women in all seasons of life!

Over the years the three of us have had the privilege of doing many projects, jobs, and events together. From selling snow cones to working at the hotel Breakfast Bar we have done it all. One of our favorite things is to work together as a hair, makeup, and style team. That will never change! We love to help people look and feel their very best! It is such a joy to see people light up when they feel beautiful, strong, and secure. Our biggest passion in life is to encourage and inspire women in all seasons of life!

We are excited to bring you along with us as Triplet Living gets a Fabulous update. In this new season we will be bringing you much of the same goodness you have grown to love on Triplet living… Fashion, Beauty, Fun and so much more! We will also be encouraging each other on solo ventures and are excited share that with you as well. We have always believed that wether its our friends or our sister, that if one of us does something great we all win! We hope you feel the same. The three of us have been working on individual projects and we will be sharing more about that coming up! Here is a little preview…


Kelsey Moreau- Blue Triplet and Oldest


Kelsey will be sharing her love of illustration, humor, and the fabulous use of a good pun on Triplet Living.  You can check out more of her fabulous illustrations on and @fashionablyfunny on Instagram. Kelsey has had fun illustrating some of her favorite brands as well as doing individual commissioned work. We love her work and know you will too!


Korrie Lukei- Pink Triplet and Middle


Korrie Painting Picture

Korrie will be sharing her love of travel, fashion, family and also her art on Triplet Living. Korrie has been painting the beautiful landscapes and so much more over the past few years. She loves to illustrate for families and events, taking their favorite keeps sakes and memorializing them. It’s so special! Follow Korrie along on and @korrielukeidesign on Instagram.


Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 1.46.51 PM

Kaeli Reed- Yellow (Gold)  Triplet and youngest

Kaeli will continue to share her love of fashion, inspiration, and encouragement with us on Triplet Living and also on (coming soon) and @aglassofgold on Instagram. She has been through a lot physically and emotionally the past few years and is looking forward to sharing her journey and inspiring others to keep hope and chose joy through the tough times and… Celebrate the victories!  She will be sharing many stories and companies that inspire in hopes to unite us as women and cheer each other on. She would love for you to follow along the fun.


Thank you for all of your continued support and we are excited to take you along on many exciting things coming this year.



Triplet Living




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