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Triplet Living: Eva-NYC Styling Iron Tutorial

Most of you already know… But for those of you that don’t, our hair is naturally curly. By naturally curly I mean huge!! Growing up we had stick straight hair. But once we hit puberty, BAM! BIG HAIR! Over the years we have tried so many tricks to tame the beast. It wasn’t until the revolution of the flat iron (Best invention ever) did we really start seeing results. I feel like we have tried them all.

We are always getting asked, “What is our process for getting straight hair?” Today we are excited to introduce you to one of our favorite new Styling Irons from EVA-NYC in our Flat iron tutorial. We not only love this iron, but they come in some of the most amazing and fabulous colors! You can totally find one to match your personality! They are also hair friendly and can get really hot! Which is so important to us and we need heat!



Step One: Dry your hair and brush it out. I know that some people like to dry there hair straight first. But we are a little unconvenial and we have found that this works best for us.

Step Two: Seperate your hair into four sections two on the top and two on the bottom.

Step Three: With the Styling Iron at the hottest setting working on the bottom sections first release smaller sections of hair and glide the styling iron from the root of your hair to the tip. Go slower toward the root and fast toward the bottom of your hair. The tips of your hair are dryer and won’t need as much heat.

Step Four: Continue with the following sections.

Finish with the Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

TRIPLET TIP: To get a polished look you can bend the flatiron in at the tips of your hair to create a rounded finish.

You too can have sleek straight hair!! Our wonderful friends are offering a special promo for our readers! Enter promo code #evanyctriplets for 65% off! How great is that?! Happy Straightening!

Don’t forget to enter the Tripletliving and Eva-NYC Instagram Contest to win three of our favorite Eva-NYC products!

Hungry Hair Oil Treatment

Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

Hold Me Tight Hairspray



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