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Triplet Throwback

Triplet Books!

Growing up our mom read to us almost every night. It was a ritual we loved and looked forward to. We would quickly get on our pj’s, plop down on the floor and eagerly wait for our imaginations to come to life! Though we read many books, we loved any book that had a reverence to triplets in it. Our favorite book was part of the Triplet Series (#8 below). Identity is a huge deal when you are a triplet. Anytime we could find something or someone in a story to relate to we would read that story over and over again!

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Through the years there have been more books created with a triplet lead. Here is a fabulous list of books that would be great for triplets and multiples!

Triplet Books for Kids!

1. Triplet Trouble 2. Triple Trouble 3. You’re All My Favorites 4. Triplets and Their Speedy Animal Cars 5.Pea Pod Babies 6. Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Strawberries

big pastel circlesTriplet books for kids

7.Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Red Shoes 8. Triplets 9. Just Not the Same 10. Speckles and the Triplets 11. The T-Shirt Triplets 12. Angus and the Triplets

big pastel circlesIf you know of any triplet children’s books, please let us know!


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