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TRI-me: H&M Lipgloss TRI-me

On a recent sister shopping trip, we saw these double sided lip glosses sitting next to the register at H&M. They were only a $1!!! For that price we thought they were worth a TRI!

Let us tell you, we are so glad we TRIed these! The colors are beautiful! Each comes with one more opaque lipgloss and one sheer lipgloss. Our favorite was “2 Handle With Care.” The colors should look great on almost anyone! The pink shade is an opaque rosy mauve and on the other side there is a sheer red color that looks more pink when it’s on your lips.

The other colors we TRI-ed was called “Wake Up and Smell the Roses.” One side has an opaque baby pink lipgloss and the other side a sheer bright pink lipgloss. They even taste really yummy, like watermelon candy! Can you tell we are excited about these? H&M lipgloss TRI-me

We thought the lip glosses could be a perfect gift to give one of your friends for Valentine’s Day! Also, if you’re a bride…what a great addition to a bridesmaid gift! Did we mention they were on sale for only a $1? We hope to go back and grab a bunch for future bridal clients!

Since our first H&M makeup experience was a success, we’re excited to see what else may be worth a TRI! Stay tuned… h&M makeup


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