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TRI-me: Boots EXPERT Skincare

We are so excited about the Boots Expert skincare line at Target!! For years I have been looking for a line that carries a mild cream cleansing lotion and an alcohol free toner. It’s what I was taught to use in makeup artistry school, but until recently a cream cleansing lotion was hard to find!

At a recent trip to Target I stumbled upon the Boots EXPERT brand. I was so excited to find many staples I like to carry in my makeup kit and also use for my own personal skin care regimen!

Here are some of my favorite Boots EXPERT products and little education on why they are a good choice for healthy skin!

Triplet livingBoots Expert Sensitive Gentle Cleansing Lotion: This is a cream cleanser you massage into dry skin. You want to put a little more than a quarter size of the cleanser in your hand and massage onto the skin (you want enough cleanser so that it feels slippery). The cleanser has oil in it, so it breaks down the oil, makeup and dirt on skin. You can remove the cleanser two ways. 1. Using two cotton pads, start at your forhead and gentle wipe the cleanser off. Start in the center and go down and out to the sides of your face (like a Christmas tree). 2. Use a warm washcloth and gentle wipe the cleanser off the face. You want to wipe down and out like you would with the cotton pads. Then use the alcohol free toner to remove any excess cleanser that may be left on your face. $4.69

Cream Cleanser Vs. Foaming Cleanser:

Foaming: As we mentioned before in a previous post on my favorite cleansing oils, most foaming cleansers contain the ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate, (basically detergent) which drys out your skin! Foaming cleansers also tend to leave a film on the skin (that tight feeling you get after you cleanse). The film can also clog your pores and lead to breakouts.

Foaming Cleansers
-Water Activated
-Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Detergent)
-Strips Skins Moisture
-Leaves a film on skin

Cream Cleansers
-No Water Needed
-Hydrates Skin
-Deeper Clean

Triplet livingBoots Expert Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner: It’s alcohol free! The toners job is to remove any left over cleanser and prepare the skin. put a little toner on two cotton pads and like the cream cleanser, start at the top of your head and removed wipe the toner onto the face like a christmas tree. $4.19

Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Smoothing Scrub: This is a mild exfoliator that has exfoliating beads instead of harsh graduals (harsh graduals such as apricot shells can tear your pores.) It’s also is soap free! We like to add a pump of this gentle exfoliator to our cream cleanser and massage it into the skin. We then use a cotton pad to wipe off the cleanser (mixed with the exfoliator). Add this step before your do your makeup for a smoother application!

Boots Expert Sensitive Light Moisturizing Lotion: This moisturizer is wonderful Triplet living under makeup. It does not have SPF which is perfect if you are planning on having your photos taken. Ingredients in SPF can cause your skin to appear lighter when you use flash photography so using a moisturizer with sunscreen is not always a great idea.

We have been using the Boots EXPERT line for the past three weeks and have noticed that skin is not as dry and less breakouts! But our favorite thing about these products, is that they are each under $7.00!! How great is that? Boots EXPERT is definitely worth a TRI!




  • Chanelle June 4, 2013 at 12:02 am

    Just found this skincare line on sale at Target. It was 70% off. I’m loving this line so far and I can’t wait to see how my skin reacts in the long run. I was wondering if they had other products than what I bought so I’m glad I found this article! Thanks!


    • admin June 4, 2013 at 6:34 pm

      Hi Chanelle! 70% off?! That’s awesome! We love the cream cleanser and toner. It’s also perfect to take in your makeup kit when you are doing someone else’s makeup. Let us know how you end up liking it! :)


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