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Top 3: Favorite Wedding Desserts of the Moment

The vows have been exchanged, the bride and groom have gone through all the traditions, you have eaten, and it is now time for dessert. Oh we love dessert. In the past you would just expect to be served typical yet still beautiful piece of wedding cake. These days there are options…lots and lots of yummy options! Here are a few of our current favorite Wedding dessert options.


1. French Macaroons

Macaroons are so beautiful. Our friend at Sweet and Saucy Shop makes them in the most delicious flavors. They can also be used for a wedding favor as something the guests can take home with them. No matter what color scheme you are going with Macaroons could be used as an addition to set the tone of the party.

2. Donuts

At a recent wedding we went to, in addition to miniature desserts we were served donuts from Sidecar Donuts and Coffee. Let me just tell you at the end of a fun dance filled wedding nothing tastes better than a donut and Side Car gourmet donuts are the BEST!!!


3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

How about some good old fashioned cookies. It is a rare occurrence when we are able to say no to a chocolate chip cookie. For Kaeli’s wedding she went for a dessert bar and added the classic favorite made by Kutie Pies to the mix. The guests were not disappointed.


How are you going to sweeten things up for your guests?



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