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Top 3: Bridesmaid Gifts

What is a good bridesmaid gift? 

This is a question that we get often and really there is no right answer, but we will give you some great options.

all girls sitting

1. Robes

The day of the wedding is such a fun and magical time spent getting ready with your bridal party. Typically this is a time where many pictures are taken of everyone getting all gussied up. A great gift idea is to give your bridesmaids a robe or wrap to get ready in. It is something they can use again and looks great in pictures. Korrie and Kaeli went for silk robes and Kelsey chose a warmer robe because she got married when it was cooler.

Here are a few good budget friendly options:

warm robetie dye robe

2. Jewelry

Gifting your bridesmaids with jewelry is a great option. You can chose to keep your whole bridle party the same or give them each something different. This is a good time to get the Maid of Honor something a little more special. This helps you also dictate the look of your bridal party.

A Tip: If you are giving your bridesmaids jewelry, do it the day of. That way your girls are more likely not to lose the jewels before the big day.




3. Lipgloss/Nail Polish

When you ask someone to be in your wedding it usually is because you love that person and you want them to stand by you on your big day. What you don’t take into account is the differing opinion in fashion choices. That’s why it might be a great idea to gift your bridesmaid with a lipgloss and nail polish they can wear the day of. It is a great way to get everyone to look uniform. Take it a step further and gift your girls with gift certificate to get their nails done. Not everyone is a wiz at painting their own nails.

Ladylike Options:

nail polishlip gloss

When you are thinking about bridesmaid gifts just think fun, from the heart, and day of. The gift is a great addition to the theme you already nave going.


We would love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite Bridesmaid gifts? 




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