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With Cinco De Mayo right around the corner we thought that it would be the perfect time to reflect on our trips to Mexico with our Grandma, Lila. Our Grandma Lila was definitely a huge fashion influence. Her love of jewelry, colors, and all things gold can be seen through us on a daily basis. You can see here in this picture, she was rocking the statement necklace years ago. Definitely ahead of the trends! She wore what she liked and made her feel happy. That’s what fashion is all about.

One of our favorite things to do when we went to our magical grandparents house in Silver Creek, WA was to go through our grandma’s tackle boxes filled with jewelry. We would enter her room with excitement just to hear all of her necklaces clang against the back of her bedroom door where she hung them. She had everything color coded in there right spots. Sadly our wonderful grandma went to be with Jesus last year. We miss her a lot but her memory lives on in us.


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Every winter our grandma would travel south. She was what they call a SNOW BIRD. We were luck enough to be able to spend a few of our Spring Breaks down in Yuma, Arizona with her. When we were not playing shuffle board and swimming in the pool she would take us shopping in Mexico. It was fun experience. We loved to see the world through her eyes. After a few hours of shopping we would end up in an authentic Mexican restaurant where she love to sit and watch the band play especially the older gentleman named “Swivel Hips,” do to the fact he was constantly swiveling his hips when he played the guitar. She was so funny and always a good time.


In this picture we are sporting the still popular denim vest and keds. It was the 90’s so clothes were a little bigger in those days…and we were a little smaller.  I think this calls for an outfit re-tri a few years later. To be continued…

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We hope everyone has a Happy Cinco De Mayo

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