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Triplet Throwback

Throwback Thursday: 3 Cheers for Spring!


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We are so excited for Spring! The time of year where fashion get's a floral facelift.  Florals have been a key ingredient for Spring fashion over the decades.  We loved to embrace the femininity of florals. The first photo shows the three of us in an adorable ensemble our mom put us in. We were girly-girls who enjoyed to dress up, but as you can see by the tousled hair, we liked to play too.  In Washington State where we grew up there were plenty of trees to climb and bugs to hunt for. We enjoyed both!


In the 1990's it was so cool to wear t-shirts under dresses. We probably paired the floral  dress with our brown Dr. Marten boots. They were so cool back then and we felt so trendy!  Sadly, we couldn't all be Cher from Clueless… “as if”  but we sure tried. The flowing hair was just an added bonus to our character shaping awkward stage.


The springy florals continued into High School. Seen above in our Senior Portraits. This time we sported the florals in a skirt paired with another staple, the jean jacket. Floral prints continue to evolve and so do we. These days you will rarely  find us matching  our outfits. Though on occasion we will will dress the same. It's fun for us and our mom loves it!  We have put together 3 cost efficient fabulous floral looks from 3 of our favorite stores: Forever21, Target, and Charlotte Russe. With Easter just around the corner, keep the pretty Spring tradition in mind.  Tell us how you are sporting florals this season…

Target is Seeing Florals
Target is Seeing Florals by tripletliving featuring blue earrings
Forever 21 Flower Power
Forever 21 Flower Power by tripletliving featuring a flower print dress
Charlotte Russe Floral Fabulous
Charlotte Russe Floral Fabulous by tripletliving featuring charlotte russe jewelry


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