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Triplet Throwback

Throw Back Thursday: Easter Time!


Happy Easter from the three of us! The year was 1995 and we were sporting the super cool Overalls. They were a perfect choice for our trip to see the Easter Bunny. Looking back we were probably a little old to be sitting on that guys lap. We each chose to jazz our overalls up differently with a different bright colored extra big t-shirt. Kelsey in blue, Korrie in pink, and Kaeli in a deep purple. Super cute… we know…jk. If you remember that 90's overalls were all over the place. We owned quite a few pairs. Our second favorite pair were probably the all white pair we wore with red turtle necks. That was very classy. We sported our classy look when we belted out “It's in his Kiss” by Betty Everett in our 6th grade talent show. If only we had that video… The self choreographed number was a hit! Well at least our mother said it was. We had so much fun preparing for the big Talent Show. We always loved dancing and singing together from a young age.  We are still not sure how we never became pop stars…I guess there is still time. :)


A couple of years later we went with a more floral flared overall during a trip out to a posh restaurant in our area. We are pretty sure it was Red Robin. A hot spot at the time. Oh and the hair…We will have to talk about that another day. There is definitely a story there. It involves a hair relaxing treatment gone very wrong…To be Continued. :)


A  few years later we decided that overalls were still so cool we wore them to our 15th Birthday Party. I think we thought because they were from Abercrombie and Fitch they were even cooler. We differentiated this look with different colored ribbons in our hair. Kelsey in blue, Korrie in pink, and Kaeli in yellow. We paired the overal with our favorite shoe of the time  our Dr. Marten low rise boots.


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Though our overalls have changed over the years our love and appreciation for what Easter represents has not. We hope that you all have a very Happy Easter! God Bless!



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