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Stuff Our Mom Wished She Had: Hand’s Free Bottle Feeding

We are excited to introduce¬†a new weekly column on Triplet Living! After many discussions with our mom Linda about what it was like raising triplets, we have come to realize that it wasn’t as easy as she made it look! In honor of our mom and in the hopes of helping other Mom’s of Multiples, we bring you “STUFF OUR MOM WISHED SHE HAD.” Each week we will be sharing a new list of products and tools that would have made our mom’s life a lot easier!

There are so many wonderful and helpful products these days for moms of multiples that weren’t around thirty years ago! We are excited to share with you some of our favorite finds! Being moms ourselves we find these tools very useful.

Feeding your baby or babies can be a sweet and bonding time for you and your child. That being said, sometimes when you have more than one baby you just need to get them fed. :) This week we found wonderful products that allow parents to feed their babies without having to hold their bottles! How great is that?

Hands Free Feeding

The best list of hand free bottle feeding options

1. Bebe Bottle Sling This is great! It attaches to your child’s carseat so they can drink their bottle without anyone feeding them!

2.Bottle Snuggler This cute little piggy holds your babies bottles and props them up so your babies can feed themselves!

3. Pacifeeders Hands Free Feeder It’s a feeding system that has a pacifier that connects to a bottle. The child sucks on the pacifier allowing them to feed themselves. The baby is able to sit upright while eating allowing for less air consumption and less colic!

4. Milk Maid Baby Bottle Holder
This simple foam bottle holder props the baby’s bottle up so they can happily eat all by themselves!

5. Set of 3 Podee Baby Bottle – Handsfree Feeding System
by Podee
Similar to the pacifier feeding system. This one uses a nipple on the top instead of a pacifier. Because the baby can sit up and eat they will have a lower chance of getting colic!

6. Leachco Keep-It-Up Easy Hold Bottle Grip, White/Yellow
by Leachco
This helps your little ones hold their own bottles so they don’t tip over.

7. Bababib This cute little bib, holds your baby’s bottle and makes it easy for your babies to hold their own bottles themselves.

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  • Kathy Dahlin April 3, 2015 at 6:01 am

    I am a 54 year old woman with an identical twin sister and a brother one year older. My mother used bottle props to feed us so they’ve been around a long, long time. The big problem with bottle props is it makes it too easy to feed the baby without any holding. If the mother is already somewhat negligent/ overwhelmed and does not hold the babies enough otherwise, it can have lasting damaging effects on the child. I think mothers need to be warned of this.


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