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Kelsey Moreau – Fashionably Funny

Kelsey Moreau

Like many of you, Korrie and I have had so much fun following @FashionablyFunny, Kelsey’s instagram feed that marries her adorable fashion illustrations with her cleaver wit! She coined the phrase, “Humor is always in fashion!” and we couldn’t agree more!

It has been fun for us to hear peoples reactions to her art, because we’ve noticed that most people didn’t realize how funny Kelsey is and that she was also a talented illustrator. For us we had a saying growing up… “Kelsey’s really funny, as long as you’re listening!” She was the most soft spoken of the three of us, but if you were close enough to hear her she always had something sarcastic or funny to say! Her love of Fashion Illustration also started when she was young. She was so passionate about fashion illustration she almost went to fashion design school, but opted to attend a private college with us! We were not ready to be apart from each other…not sure if we every will be!

As sisters we love seeing her live out her passion, collaborating with her favorite brands, working with clients to create custom illustrations and making people smile over on Fashionably Funny!

Some of our favorite Fashionably Funny series are “your best friend in hand” and her “Ladies With Glass.” As a mom of four little girls, Kelsey finds fun ways to make light of the fact that she either has a cup of coffee in one hand or a glass of wine! We know many women can relate!

We are so excited for the launch of her Fashionably Funny Brand website coming soon and will be sure to tell you when her products are available! Until then, for updates on her brand and to learn more about what Kelsey’s Illustrating you can go to

BareMinerals Bday by @FashionablyFunny Kelsey Moreau



Jouer Cosmetics By @FashionablyFUNNY

Kelsey of @TripletLiving illustrates Clueless as drinks on @FashionablyFunnyIt Cosmetics by @FashionablyFunnyMean Girls as ROSE glasses by @FashiobablyFUNNYIpsy Illustration by @FashionablyFUNNY

Illustration by Kelsey Moreau of @FashionablyFUNNY

Thanks a Latte for checking in! We are looking forward to all the Punny Fashionably Funny goodness that Kelsey has to share with us this season. Stay tuned!





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