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5 Complexion Killing Culprits

Do you find yourself doing everything you can to get clear skin and you still have breakouts? We do too! Even with a proper cleansing routine there are still things we do everyday that put our skin in jeopardy by transferring bacteria and dirt onto our skin. Here is our list of 6 Complexion Killing Culprits!

1. Makeup Brushes/Sponges: Makeup brushes if not cleaned regularly can hold on to bacteria and dead skin cells. We try and quick clean our brushes at least once a week. Meaning we spray a paper towel with brush cleaner and gentle massage the brush into the cleaner until all of the makeup comes out of the brush. You will know its clean when you don’t see any more color deposited onto the paper towel. We deep clean our brushes with either baby shampoo, antibacterial soap at least every 2 weeks. It’s important to remember to lay your brushes on an angle so the bristles are facing down. That way no water gets trapped in the feral of the brush. If water gets trapped it can grow mold. Cleaning your brushes will help your skin and it will prolong the use of your brushes!

2. Telephone: Oh Telephones are the worst! If you stop and think about it, telephones are always next to your face, you probably touch them all day long, and if it’s a work phone, who knows who else has been breathing and touching it! Simply put, phones are dirty! We need to make sure to clean our phones/phone cases often. We like to take an antibacterial wipe to our phone cases once a day.

3. Pillow Cases: Since we lay on our pillow cases for usually 8 or more hours a night it’s easy for grease and bacteria to build up. If you are someone who is prone to huge breakouts, chances are your pillow holds even more complexion harming bacteria. Wash your pillow cases twice (or at least) once a week.

4. Bath Towels: It’s important to change your towels regularly. Someone who is prone to breakouts (especially on your body) should switch your towels daily! When you get out of the shower you are depositing dead skin cells, oils and other dirt onto the towel. Even if you hang your wet towel up to try, you are still letting dirt and other yucky stuff dry on there.

5. Hands! Don’t touch your face!! Touching your face or picking at your skin, will only transfer more dirt and oil to your face. The truth is, we all know we need to keep our hands off of our faces. If you find yourself not able to keep your face hands free, be sure to wash your hands often!


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