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❤Heart Tarts❤

Just because Valentine’s Day is over does not mean you cannot show your family some love. A fun way to show some love is by making heart shaped pies. This past Valentine’s Day we made these yummy strawberries “Heart Tarts”. The good news is that they are super easy and delicious!

What you need:


❤ One Pack of unroll and bake pie crust.

❤ One 21oz Can of Strawberry Pie Filling

❤ 1tsp of Brown Sugar

❤ 1tsp of Vanilla

❤ Heart Cookie Cutter

❤ Parchment Paper

❤ Cookie sheet

❤ 1 egg for the egg wash

❤ Fresh Strawberries if desired

Step One: Unroll the pie crust onto a sheet of parchment paper

Step Two: Cut out hearts out of the pie crust

Step Three: On a parchment paper lined cookie sheet place the cut out hearts

Step four: In a bowl mix together the Strawberry Pie filling, brown sugar, and vanilla. If you would like even more strawberries you can add sliced fresh strawberries to the mixture.

Step Five: Place a small spoon size amount of the strawberry mixture on each heart.

Step Six: Cut out the hearts from the second sheet of pie crust. Then, place the hearts on top of each filled heart.

Step Seven: Brush each heart pie with egg wash (1 egg with a little water) then seal each pie using a fork. Pressing all the way around each heart.

Step Eight: Place pies in a preheated oven at 425 degrees for 10 min until golden brown. Look at the directions for the pie crust and adjust your temp and time accordingly.

When done let cool then serve and enjoy!!

If you loved making the heart pies think about making different shapes and flavors for different holidays. You can substitute and pie filling and use any fun cooking cutter you may have.

BE creative and have fun!


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